Will Dogecoin Redefine the Digital World?

TL;DR – Dogecoin brings much needed awareness to cryptocurrencies with their low-stress community. much good. very help. wow.

Dogecoin has had unparalleled success in the digital currency world. The outstanding community has given thousands of dollars to fund charities (Doge4Water), bobsledders (Jamaican bobsled team), and has even gotten involved in NASCAR (Vote Josh Wise!). Five months ago people would have said that this was impossible. No one could have imagined this happening, and there are still many who doubt the coin. However, it is hard to argue that Dogecoin is revolutionizing the possibilities of digital currencies.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a digital currency (cryptocurrency) that is completely peer to peer. The value is backed by the community and those who accept it as money, then the value is adjusted accordingly to the supply and demand. What’s great about cryptocurrencies is that they are entirely decentralized in the sense that not one group or person controls the transactions. It’s completely open source and propagated across the world increasing privacy and security. No longer do you have to give organizations (banks, credit companies) all of your information, simply download the application, create a wallet, and start collecting.

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Dogecoin excels in its ability to de-stress the cryptocurrency world. Before Dogecoin, the economy of Bitcoin and other altcoins was geared towards programmers. However, with the introduction of the friendly doge meme, average Joe’s (that’s me) can enter the scene without fear. Dogecoin’s community allows for a low-stress entry to a complicated and complex system. It’s a great place to start learning without the risk, and the community provides all the resources and tools you need to get started in no time. In other words, Dogecoin is an excellent marketing tool for all cryptocurrencies. 

Many people are scared and wary of Bitcoins because of negative media and the high monetary value. However at /r/dogecoin, it’s easy to get Dogecoins without spending a single dollar! Users have fun throwing money at each other through the innovative tipping system, /u/dogetipbot, having given away over $150,000 in tips according to user whats_up_doge. New shibes join every day making this subreddit the fastest growing altcoin community, recently reaching 84,000 users.

The Future

With such promising possibilities, what does the future hold for Dogecoin? Will it become THE online currency? If not, it will be a vital stepping stone to creating a currency that will succeed and be accepted throughout the world. With retailers like Overstock.com planning to accept Dogecoin, digital currencies will soon be on everyone’s mind. The public needs to be knowledgable of what is possible in the future through implementing this technology. Groups like Ethereum are researching Bitcoin’s blockchain tech to other aspects of the internet. Thanks to Dogecoin, awareness is growing.

Get involved early and start contributing to cryptocurrencies. Join the Dogecoin community.

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